YouTuber designs cursed, massive Fortnite versions of Among Us crewmates

FortniteThis game sets the bar high for absurdity. It’s a game where characters like Rick Sanchez, Naruto, Darth Vader, and also two different likenesses of Tom Holland (Spider-Man Holland and Uncharted Holland can join a 100 player battle royale arena.

Still, YouTuber Ryan, who goes by the monicker 12th Hour, manages to make its world even weirder and a whole lot creepier with his videos of “custom-made” events where he brings his original ideas to the wild world of the game. Recently, he posted a video about an imagined mafia event. There are many of usThis adds horribly large crewmates into the universe of Fortnite.

Start the event by showing off a FortniteAs a terrifyingly large and red-colored crewmate watches in the distance, a character is seen hanging around Reality Falls’ purple-leaf forests. The giant monster begins to approach the player’s character as he stands. After the screen goes black, it cuts to an emergency meeting table with crewmates. There are many of usCovered with a Fortnite map. From, there, I won’t spoil what happens next — but it’s a little sussy. The full video is available below.

These custom events aren’t an in-game mod, but instead involve a complicated process of recording and editing footage using visual effects. Ryan begins by recording content in-game to create the base of the video. He then uses 3D motion tracking for the final product. There are many of usThe character is animated in Blender software and made to look like it was actually there. He animates the crewmate using Blender software, touches it up with additional effects, and then it’s ready to watch. It’s now ready for you to see. There are many of usClip took approximately three days to complete from start to finish.

Ryan was the first to make FortniteHe started making montage videos before moving to videos that showcase customized gameplay. The first one he made, called “I Made Fortnite R-Rated,” nabbed over a million views, so he decided to keep making videos in a similar vein. He made the second one, “I Made Fortnite R-Rated”, which was viewed over a million times. Among Us and FortniteHe decided to expand on his collab and create a bigger event. “I knew it would also be a blast to make, I mean a huge among us character in Fortnite, what doesn’t sound fun about that,” he told Polygon over Twitter.

For him, it’s about having fun with FortniteMaking content. “My favorite thing about making these events is just being able to be creative, having fun, learning and ultimately doing what I love,” he said.

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