Activision Blizzard starts its summer sale

Activision Blizzard’s launcher is home to a few titanic franchises, like World of WarcraftCall of Duty. The publisher’s new summer sale, which started on Wednesday, includes big discounts on some of the most popular titles in its library.

Players can take advantage of a discount on Diablo games, for example. Diablo 3Its expansion Reaper of SoulsAvailable at 50% Discount You can also get the real-time strategy StarCraft game at half off, as well as many other Call of Duty games. Vanguard: The Call of DutyTake 40% off Black Ops Cold War: Call of Duty Modern Warfare: The Call of Duty Enjoy a Discount of 50% on All Orders Black Ops 4, Call of DutyDiscount of 67%

There’s also a smorgasbord of World of WarcraftSpecial transmogrification costumes, mounts, or pets are eligible for cosmetic discounts. If you’ve been interested in picking up a sad baby yeti, a Murloc shell backpack, or the game’s latest winged mounts, they’re all available at 50% off, or collected in the Midsummer Night’s Pack. You can also get 33% off character faction changes or server transfers

The game’s latest expansion, ShadowlandsYou can also get 50% off on the. This expansion is coming soon. DragonflightOn Tuesday,, opened pre-orders.

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