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PUBG took the entire gaming world by storm on its release back in 2017 and to this day it keeps growing in popularity. As most of you know PUBG introduced a mobile version recently and below we tried to bust some pubg mobile myths that are talked about a lot.


  1. Your flare gun would get fired on the ground if you move while shooting it: this has been confirmed to be true there are several videos that prove this.
  2.  The time it takes to die gets multiplied every time you get knocked out: this has been tested by knocking a player 5 times and monitoring the rate at which he dies and this myth has been confirmed to be true.
  3. If you’re not in sight of a frag grenade you will not get damaged: this was tested by placing two players one behind a tree who cannot see the grenade and another player in the open but a bit far but who can see the grenade, the player that could see the grenade took damage while the player that couldn’t don’t which proves the myth to be true.
  4. You cannot spectate a bot after you die: this myth was confirmed to be true as after dying intentionally to a bot the spectator camera switched to the nearest real player.
  5. You won’t get knocked out if you jump off a bridge into the water: players have jumped off a bridge into the water several times without taking damage hence proving this myth true.
  6. Throw a grenade while standing near a wall and move towards the wall. You will get teleported inside: although it’s a bug which has been fixed recently it actually works so myth is confirmed.
  1. The match will be a tie if there are two guys left and both die to the same grenade: this myth is busted as the player throwing the grenade does not die and wins the game.
  2. You will take less damage if you jump while in a Molotov fire: this was tested by a player on 4 different positions stand, prone, crouch and jump and there was no visible difference to the damage so this myth is busted
  3. If you remove your shoes you will make less sound while running: this was tested by hearing a player with and without shoes and there was no difference hence the myth is busted
  4. You cannot kill an enemy when he’s flying: this was proved wrong as several players have successfully shot down enemies before they land