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As most of you know the popular PUBG game also has a mobile version, below we will discuss how it works and how to play the game.

As most of you know PUBG mobile is free to play in IOS and android. This version similar to the PC version has four maps in the classic mode Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. Each of these maps has its unique locations and special weapons that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

The classic mode works the same way as the PC version of the game. Players can either go solo or team up as two or squad up as four; there are a total of 100 players who are dropped via parachute into the island. The goal which most of you know is to survive and there are weapons and armor available around the map to ensure this.

There are
vehicles available as well to make sure you can catch up with the constantly
moving blue circle and get inside the safe zone. There are also airdrops which
provide special weapons and loot which will give you an advantage over your
enemies. The last man or team standing wins.

If anyone is bored playing the classic mode there are is also arcade mode available and special game modes that are available for a limited time. These modes usually last for a shorter time span and consists of fewer players and have double the action since the map is smaller. The game also consists of apparel for your character and skins for guns and vehicles to give you a better gaming experience, it is available for purchase with a real currency which can be converted to in-game currency. This is great for showing off to your friends and trying to baffle the enemy at the same time.