The Callisto Protocol: 83 Rapid-Fire Questions With Glen Schofield

Glen Schoefield has made a name for himself, working on Dead Space, Call of Duty, and even Barbie: Game Girl. The Industry icon heads Striking Distance Studios. We sit down with him today to talk about 83 RapidFire questions that focus on The Callisto Protocol, horror, and many other topics.

Alex Stadnik is hosting the show and has many questions. One of the main focuses is getting to know The Callisto Protocol and what players can expect. The basics of the game are revealed such as which weapons will we be using, where the game is taking place, the purpose of the game, and who the Biophage enemy enemies are. A fan theory is answered, inspirations are explored, and many other details.

You know that Rapid-Fire isn’t complete without some laughter, right? Glen is also told our most funny Candyman joke. Strangers or your mom using your full name are scarier than his upcoming game, and whether or not he can think of five words that rhyme with gore. Glen may have other hidden secrets. To find out, you’ll need to see the video! 

The Callisto Protocol is releasing on December 2, 2022, for PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC. Our exclusive cover hub is located below. Preview ImpressionsIt is the GI cover revealYou can see more of the game’s features in the coming days. You can find more Rapid-Fire entertainment on YouTube with industry icons like Tim Schafer and Joseph Staten. As always, thanks for your attention.

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