Sega Multiplayer Game Hyenas Revealed

Sega’s Creative Assembly is working on a brand-new game revealed today: Hyenas. The title is described as a multiplayer, multi-team heist experience set in space with a punky comic book aesthetic. This means that players will be able to jump in five different teams to fight for a prize. They can also “engage, escape, exploit and steal their ways to victory.” The game’s debut trailer shows off some fast-pasted action, but to see everything for yourself, you can check out the trailer below.

In the story, billionaires finally make it to Mars and destroy Earth. The rich become nostalgic about their past planet’s culture. The rich send ships to steal from Earth’s remaining poor survivors. The Hyenas refuse to accept this defeat and are fighting back.

Although the developers have yet to reveal the date for release, we know that the game will be coming soon to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. It’s still quite a while away, but you can still sign up to Hyenas’ alpha right now. Also, learn more about this title in IGNInterview-filled streaming of the Summer of Gaming. 

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