Take A Look At Obi-Wan Kenobi’s First Wave Of Funko Pops

This is a weekend that will be unforgettable for those who love to get lost in the stars. Tomorrow’s Star Wars Celebration will be held in Anaheim, Calif. The first episode of Star Wars Celebration is available. Obi-Wan KenobiThe streaming service is available on Disney.com the day after. Obi Wan will join Fortnite’s battle royale tomorrow night. Star Wars should be celebrated right away, since today marks the 25th anniversary of A New HopeFilm’s theatrical release.

There will be many collectible announcements throughout the weekend, as if previous Star Wars Celebrations were any guide. Some manufacturers of toys are preparing for the possible flood of information. Funko has just revealed the first wave Pops, based on this. Obi-Wan KenobiIt was a great show and we are likely to see much more over the next few days.

This new Obi Wan line is slightly more mature than the one he was in Revenge of the Sith. A menacing Darth Vader sculpt is also available. He looks just like you’d expect. Reva the Third Sister is the new character. She’s ready to fire her lightsaber. An Eopie-riding deluxe ObiWan version with a helmet is on its way. Retailers should receive all of the figures by October. Below are the images


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