Microsoft Flight Simulator’s free Top Gun content is finally here

It Top Gun Following Maverick: Top GunTheaters are finally in the clear. Microsoft Flight Simulator’s long-delayed tie-in has arrived as well. This Wednesday’s launch of the expansion to the flying game was free and open for everyone Microsoft Flight Simulator players.

This new content will put you in the middle of something. Top Gun-style action. The new version includes an Maverick: Top GunThe F/A-18E Super Hornet Edition Livery, along with three Super Hornet Training Missions designed after complex fighter-pilot maneuvers such as unrestricted takeoffs and split S maneuvers.

Five other challenges require players to fly very low and fast. One challenge requires them to land on an aircraft carrier. A new hypersonic plane, which can fly to Mach 10, and at altitudes greater than 150,000 feet, is also included in the expansion. To go along with that, there’s also a new mission to take your flights into the stratosphere.

Everything Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Maverick: Top Gun tie-in content is now available in the game for players to check out once they’ve downloaded the free expansion.

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