Shin Megami Tensei V’s Launch-Day DLC Detailed

Shin Megami Tensei V will be released soon. Atlus has given us an exclusive glimpse at Shin Megami Tensei V, giving players a preview of what to expect starting with the first DLC. In addition to various pieces of mission-driven downloadable content, players can also anticipate DLC designed to ease the acquisition of certain resources, as well as a new, easier difficulty option.

The Return of the True DemonDownloadable content shows the protagonist exploring the World of Shadows. Sophia gives him a Menorah to help with his journey. She promises that it will either bring about strength or death. DLC is for people who want to challenge themselves and allows them to defeat the toughest demons. You unlock the fusions of the fiends if you defeat them. If you defeat the demifiend you will unlock its essence. 


The The Goddess of TrainingDLC is the protagonist, who is approached near Tokyo Tower by Goddess Artemis. Her goal is to find a suitable training opponent. If you are able to complete this mission successfully, you will be able to recruit her as an allie and allow her to unlock the fusion.

Queen’s RageCleopatra is removed from her Bethel Egpyt position by DLC. A new mission is unlocked when the protagonist gets a request for help following her banishment. This mission will reward you with an opportunity to recruit the protagonist as an ally, and allow her to fusion.

The final significant piece of launch-day DLC, The Doctor’s Last WishYou are now on a quest to find a missing Bethel researcher. The protagonist sets out on a new task after he finds Mephisto talking to the scientist. If you meet certain criteria, you can become an ally to him and allow him to unlock his fusion.


Aside from these missions, the players also have the option to pick up other items. Mitama Dance of Wealth Mitama Dance for EXPThe DLCs increase the number of rare demons that spawn and drop valuable relics. They also earn you EXP. EXP DLC is easier than the Wealth DLC, making it much easier to get Macca. Atlus also releases the Mitama Dance of MiraclesDLC is a method to increase the number of rare demons who drop valuable items. It also increases your chances of earning Glory.

In addition to DLC fees, you will also receive a complimentary Safety difficultyThe DLC will also be added to make the game easier for those with less RPG/SMT experience or who want to progress quickly.


Atlus revealed a lot about DLC this month. However, they also showed us how the second-playthrough mode works. Once you’ve completed the first level and cleared all levels, you will be able to choose between two options for your second playthrough. The difficulty of Newborn mode is not significantly altered, but it transfers the Demon Compendium data and enemy analysis data. The Reborn mode allows you to replay the experience in a simpler way by saving your protagonist’s skills, level, Macca and demons.

Shin Megami Tensei V will launch on Switch, along with all DLC. You can find more information about the role-playing title at the hub here.

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