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If you’re familiar with PUBG you might as well know that it also has a mobile version available. Named PUBG mobile it is available for android and IOS and is free to play. The specifications for android and iOS are listed below.


  • FOR ANDROID-Device running Android version 5.1.1 or above with a minimum of 2GB of RAM and 2GB of free storage can run the game at the lowest possible settings.
  • FOR IOS-iPhone 5S, Ipad 2 or newer running ios 9 or above can run the game.

(One thing to note is that besides good specifications PUBG mobile also requires a good and stable internet connection to ensure it runs smoothly, the above-mentioned specs are the minimum for mobile, for a better gaming experience you will need a ram of 4gb or more for android phones, in the same way, iPhone 7 will give a better gaming experience than earlier versions)

Now that we got the specs covered let’s talk about the game, pubg mobile similar to the pc version this game also is a battle royal where the last man standing wins. The game consists of four maps- Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi, Miramar. 100 players who can go solo or team up as duos or as squads of four and are dropped to the island for the game to begin.

The goal of the game is to survive and kill anything that poses a threat. For you to survive there are several guns and equipment available throughout the map. There are also vehicles available if you need to travel a fair distance to get to the safe zone or hunt enemies. There are also airdrops which contain special guns and items for a more thrilling experience.

There is also an arcade mode available in pubg mobile if you are bored with the classic model. TDM warehouse, war mode, Snipers only are some. These consist of smaller maps and shorter gameplay so you can have a quick one before you go to work or be busy.

For in-game currency which you can purchase you can get various skins for guns or clothing for your character. These purchased items also have special effects that you can show off to your friends.