Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Pricing Revealed

Today’s Animal Crossing Direct detailed the game’s first paid expansion, Happy Home Paradise. Unexpectedly, it confirmed pricing details for Happy Home Paradise, the previously-announced expansion to Nintendo Switch Online. This allows players to access Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 titles.

For $49.99, an individual 12 month membership will cost you $59.99 each year. A family membership will run for $79.99. The current NSO tier offers 12-month single or family memberships at $19.99/$34.99. Although the now-basic tier of NSO has options for one and three-month memberships, the Expansion Pack only offers 12-months. The complete list of Genesis and N64 games will be listed here. 

Nintendo has also confirmed that Happy Home Paradise will be included in the new upgraded subscription. Animal Crossing users can now access DLC content for as long as they have an active subscription. You can also purchase the DLC outright for $24.99 to own permanently. 

The Expansion Pack’s release window is still labeled as “coming soon,” but with Happy Home Paradise launching November 5, that may narrow the gap on when players can expect its launch.

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