Minecraft Live 2021 Where When Why Wow

Members from our amazing community will warm us all up with a pre-show starting at 11:30 EDT, and the main show starts at noon EDT. You may be asking yourself “What does EDT stand for?” and to this I say that it stands for lots of stuff, for example Earl Darjeeling Tea. It’s a special blend of mine that is too sophisticated for everyone else’s tastebuds. However, this is not a time zone. Since I just brewed myself a big cup of EDT, I am energized enough to provide you with both a map and a list of different times around the world so you don’t need to look it up yourself! 

Stockholm – 6 PM CEST

London  – 5 PM BST

New York  – 12 PM EDT

Seattle –  9 AM PDT

Sao Paulo  –  1 PM BRT

Tokyo  – 1 AM JST (OCT 17)

Is that a question? Next. 

You are indeed a friend, Wow! That’s more like it, and wow also happens to be the secret password that unveils all the different languages our heroic rebroadcasters will be translating the show into!  

Thanks to MrOni, ElRichMC, SparkofPhoenix, Snap J, Aypierre, Kendal, ShadowPriestok, Ufosxm, Mii, and Colorful Peach you can enjoy the show in: 

Español (MX)

Español (ES)








日本語 (starting at 4 PM JST, October 17)

Xbox will also be localizing the stream on the Xbox Germany, LATAM, Brazil, and France YouTube channels.

We will also be streaming the show in ASL (American Sign Language) here and with audio description here! 

I am fresh out of answers and I need to start prepping to Take a picture of your surroundings get camera ready. Vu, Laura and I will be completing the information.