Animal Crossing: New Horizons gets Wii Fit-like stretching

Get your yoga mats and sweatbands ready. Nintendo will also add community stretching. Animal Crossing New Horizons Frankly, it’s adorable, and something I never knew I needed. It’s one of many features being added to New HorizonsWith its Nov. 5 major update.

Soon, we’ll be able to kick up stretching classes using a tape deck placed in front of the Nook Services building. That’ll call a bunch of community members over to the plaza to stretch together to some chill music. You can still stretch your character, however. You can too — using Joy-Cons, you’ll be able to do the motions along with your villagers, a la Wii Fit.

It’s literally perfect? Friends visiting the island can participate, too, alongside characters like Isabelle — wearing a very cute workout outfit — and Brewster.

During Fridays’ Animal Crossing Direct, Nintendo announced So Many: A Froggy chair will be coming to the game. A new paid DLC is coming. It’s possible to cook! You can cook food again with Gyroids. It’s Nintendo’s last major New Horizons update, but it’s definitely a good one.

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