New Starfield Trailer Reveals More Backstory: Bloody Wars, Violent Space Pirates, And Galactic Mysteries

Starfield, the highly-coveted Microsoft-Bethesda flagship title, soared under the gaming community’s radar for years until its first trailer was showcased at E3 2021.  We were already familiar with the features and aspects of Starfield, but there was little information at first. They emphasized the exciting thrills and explorations, interstellar travel, and planetary exploration. The latest Starfield trailer, however, teases even more information about the game’s lore and backstory. We are in for bloody space pirates, galactic mysteries, and violent wars when we reach the stars next Year. The cinematic can be viewed below.

Emil Pagliarulo from Bethesda was the Bethesda director of design. Concept art added visual context. “Our game is set in the year 2330,” Pagliarulo began. “In a relatively small pocket of the Milky way; in an area that extends outward from our solar system for approximately 50 light-years.” Pagliarulo continues, delving into events that take place long before we (and our player character) enter the fray. In 2310, the two largest/primary factions in the Settled Systems – the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective – were at war. This bloody struggle later came to be called the “Colony War,” and the carnage left in its wake is still felt today. 

The Settled Systems, even though they seem to be in a peaceful state, are full of danger. There is everything from space pirates and fanatic religious zealots, but there’s no denying that the Settled Systems can become dangerous. These are not human dangers. If there are any alien species in the works, I wonder what they’ll bring to the table. In any case, as the newest member of “Constellation” – an organization of explorers – you’ll travel throughout the system (and possibly beyond?) to unearth the very secrets of the universe … or die trying, I suppose. We’ll rocket to a bevy of planets in what Bethesda production and studio director Ashley Chang aptly calls “a Han Solo simulator.” 

Starfield will launch for Xbox Series X/S/PC on November 11, 2022. 

Do you feel excited by the new backstory details? Do you think we’ll encounter extraterrestrials while zipping around the Settled Systems?

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