Far Cry 6 Lets You Wage War With A Rooster, Because Why Not?

Far Cry 6 embraces zany, explosive madness – craft makeshift weapons from collected scraps or grab one of the many “Amigos For Hire” before you set out on another bombastic escapade. We’ve seen the adorable Dachshund, Chorizo, and his semiaquatic reptilian counterpart, Guapo. But what other animals will help you wage war against Antón Castillo and his militaristic goons? A new friend got a trailer that combines cinematic/gameplay. Meet Chicharrón, the savage rooster!

Titled “Chicharrón Run,” Far Cry 6’s latest footage gives us a tiny glimpse into the bird’s tragic backstory. While lazing away on a beach, Chicharrón is captured and caged. When he finally sees the light of day again, he’s forced to trade the soft sands of paradise for the coarse dirt of a cockfighting arena. He eventually escapes – pursued by trigger-happy Yaran soldiers – and finds his calling alongside protagonist Dani and their crew of armed guerrilla revolutionaries. Donning two stylish spike chokers, Chicharrón can tackle his enemies to the ground and … peck them to death? Is that the guard Chicharron attacks in this video?

Far Cry 6 might be a wild ride, but it’s also a tribute to the culture and diversity of Cuba. Narrative director Navid Khavari talked with us about Ubisoft Toronto’s boots-on-the-ground approach to staying genuine to the guerrilla philosophy/mentality, “We got to meet with the locals and explore the culture and the diversity, but we also got to talk to actual guerrillas who fought in the revolution there,” Khavari said. “There are all sorts of reasons people will join up and fight in a guerilla revolution. Some people want to feel the adrenaline rush and shoot guns, and others desire to serve the nation and its flag. I think that dynamic was really interesting narratively.”

Far Cry 6 will launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia (PC) and Mac (October 7).

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