Disney: Twisted-Wonderland is being adapted into an anime for Disney Plus

Disney: Disney’s Twisted-WonderlandThe anime adaptation is currently being developed for Disney Plus. This was announced by the company at an Asia-Pacific showcase on October 14. Aniplex will be collaborating on the adaptation.

On mobile devices, the boarding school-set game became a hit and was made available in March 2020. Created by Yana Taboso and produced by Aniplex and Walt Disney Japan, the game’s success comes as no surprise to fans of Black Butler Taboso’s popular manga shares a similar gothic style and Victorian setting. Despite its success in Japan, the game is not yet available in America.

Disney’s Twisted-WonderlandGame begins with an old-fashioned dark fairy tale opener. Things get a bit twisted after that. A Magic Mirror transports players to the alternate world “Twisted-Wonderland,” where they wake up in a coffin at the notorious Night Raven college. Without magic or any clue of how they got there, players must navigate the boarding school’s various houses, and socialize with a cast of sexy anime boys.

Azul, an anime character from Disney: Twisted-World

Image by Aniplex

All of these characters are inspired by the Disney universe, but with a spin: They’re villains and styled as ikemen, meaning “cool” or “good” anime men. They look and sound like iconic Disney villains. There’s silver-haired, blue-eyed Azul Ashengrotto (inspired by The Little Mermaid’s Ursula) who can grant wishes at a price, and the domineering red-haired, crown-wearing Riddle Rosehearts (a nod to the Queen of Hearts in Alice in WonderlandYou can find them here. Each of them has various personal quests — and players unlock more story through playing a series of rhythm-based battles.

There aren’t any additional details on the anime adaptation, yet. It’s been announced for Disney Plus by the Disney Plus Japan Twitter accountPolygon has reached out to Disney regarding worldwide distribution. For me, I am excited for the chance to play horny again on main and look forward seeing these guys onscreen.

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