Darkest Dungeon II | New Gameplay Today

Do you have the courage to travel on dark roads, and make do with a few hapless errands? Yes, you can. Come join us for a ride in a caravan through the apocalypse of Darkest Dungeon II. Darkest Dungeon II contains some of the same characters and combat from the original title, but it’s an entirely new experience. 

Many things have changed and the tranquil, ever-growing village is gone. Instead, you must forge your way with different tools each run, hoping to make your way to the mountain and put an end to an ostensible ancient evil that’s unraveling the entire world. Can we make it? Most likely not. We may be able to find the way with persistence. With this episode, New Gameplay Today offers a first look at Darkest Dungeon II. Darkest Dungeon II will be available for Early Access starting tomorrow.

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