Apex Legends’ Escape trailer shows off Titanfall 2’s C.A.R. SMG

What is it? Apex Legends Heading, anyway, to its next season? Well, there’s a desert island, and a Mirage …

And there’s trouble in paradise. Escape, the 11th Season of Apex, begins Nov. 2., and if you’re thinking “Wait a minute, isn’t this theme more suited to the summer,” well, guess again. Ash, the latest playable Legend appears and begins his nonchalant stabbings. The spider horde trailing behind suggests there’ll be some light PvE on the new map coming to the game, too.

And, oh yeah, let’s not forget the weapon Mirage picks up. This is actually the C.A.R. Submachine guns were mentioned by data miners back in summer. However, a later patch erased all mention. The C.A.R. is also a throwback, just like Ash. The C.A.R. is another throwback that was retrieved from Titanfall 2This is the. It was praised for its reliability and 30-round clips. This seems to be the right performance. Apex LegendsWithin a matter of weeks.

We still don’t know exactly what the new map is; the official announcement page says only “a storm is brewing.” Sounds like players can find out more when the gameplay trailer goes up on Monday, Oct. 25.

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