Lego Home Alone house set includes 4,000 pieces and tons of references

Kevin McCallister’s iconic house has been forever memorialized in Lego form. Lego will create a new massive set, modeled after the house from the original. All You Need is HomeOn Thursday, movie was announced by the company.

The new Lego set was originally suggested as part of the Lego Ideas group, where users can submit their own ideas for new sets which Lego sometimes picks up and produces — while passing on a 1% royalty fee to the original designer. Alex Storozhuk from Vinnitsa (Ukraine) was the original designer of McCallister’s house. Storozhuk had already been a big fan of the movie, and he felt Lego made a great fit for the house.

This house is comprised of 3955 pieces. It also has a lot of references. While the Wet Bandits may be included, there are many traps inside, including a Lego T.V. This is what it looks like Angels with filthy soulsYou can even get a cutout from Michael Jordan.

This isn’t the only recent revival of the Home Alone franchise. The series is being revived by Disney with the addition of a Disney Plus movie. This new film, with a ridiculously absurd title Sweet Home All Alone, stars Archie Yates (Jojo RabbitTimothy SimonsVeep), Ellie Kemper (Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtKenan Thompson (Saturday Night Live

Lego’s new All You Need is HomeSets will be sold in Lego Stores and on the Lego Website starting Nov. 1.

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