Animal Crossing players prepping impressive farms ahead of 2.0 update

We will miss you, pumpkin-only farms Animal Crossing – New HorizonsThe players are eager to cultivate a wide variety of vegetables and fruits on their islands. They will be able to receive new crop varieties by Nov. 5. Many players are eager to grow their own vegetables. New HorizonsTo make way for new crops, players already have impressive gardens and farms.

There are many reasons to buy a car. New Horizons players, the major 2.0 update — which adds Brewster, cooking, and a paid DLC, among lots more — inspired players to pick up their Switches again and return back to their islands. There are many islands that have been forgotten. New Horizons’ intense moment passed, people have a lot of work to do to get ready. You need to be ready for new crops, including potatoes, tomatoes, sugarcane carrots, sweet potato, and tomato plants. These’ll take up precious island space, but players seem eager to fill their island to the brim with veggies.

Although the Nov. 5 update will be delayed by a few more weeks, many players have cleared land and created new, stunning farm plots. It’s not necessarily, surprised: Plenty of New HorizonsThe players love to build and did similar work for the Pumpkin update. The increased crop yields mean even greater reno.

And it’s not only dirt and fences that players are plopping down. Players can create elaborate, comfortable farms from items that are already in their possession. See below for how pillows can be used to hold seeds.

A stunning use of silos and panels creates the illusion that there is a huge red barn, complete with chicken coop.

For massive farms, rows of golden roses line the pathways.

You can create a magical vibe with flowers, plants, herbs, and honeycombs.

Players are creating custom vegetable signposts for plots. Reddit user, who was generous enough to share his creator code with others so that they could also be downloaded and found easily.

Animal CrossingNew HorizonsMajor update scheduled for November 5. Nintendo will offer a free DLC, called Happy Home ParadiseThis allows you to be an interior designer in a vacation resort. While the premium update costs $24.99 per player, players can access it with an additional subscription to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. That’s $49.99 with an individual membership, or $79.99 with a family subscription.

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