Change Your BattleTag For Free In Overwatch

Activision Blizzard has offered Overwatch players an opportunity to alter their names, in celebration of Cole Cassidy becoming the gunslinger McCree. Their BattleTag. 

Do you have a bad or out-of-date BattleTag that needs to be changed? Start today and run until November 5th, you have the opportunity to make yourself a better Overwatch player. Here’s an official announcement from Overwatch: 

You might want to change your name as we do. All players can have their BattleTag names changed for free starting 22 October 2021 through 5 November 2021. Anyone who doesn’t currently have a BattleTag name change is eligible. For future purposes, existing name changes cannot be combined.”

That’s right, it’s open to any player with an existing BattleTag but looks to be limited to one free change per account. You better pick a good moniker with this freebie because it’ll cost you to use the service again. To view the official announcement, click the link to the right. It contains an application form for a new Overwatch ID.

Is this an opportunity for you to clear your old account? Comment below!

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