Animal Crossing: New Horizons new characters coming in November

We will have new friends joining our cast Animal Crossing New HorizonsNintendo made the announcement during Friday’s Nintendo Direct in November.

Kapp’n and his beautiful songs will be returning to the game. But that’s not all, the boatsman will take you to a plaza filled with plenty of characters who have yet to appear in New HorizonsLike Harriet, the dog walker and Katrina, the fortune-teller.

The Animal Crossing New Horizons version 2.0 update arrives Nov. 5.

Friday’s news comes after a long time waiting. New Horizons hasn’t has a major update since March, when developers released more design slots and most customizable items. Fans hoped that the game would see a new character or event this summer. But, it didn’t.

Animal Crossing New Horizons This was the most popular game of 2020. This game follows the player’s Villager character, as they settle an abandoned island that is also inhabited by long-time favorite characters like Tom Nook and Isabelle.

Fans must be kept informed about the progress of the game. There are many ways to get involved. New Horizons’ updates so far have introduced characters from previous games through seasonal events. The alpacas Cyrus and Reese were added via June 2020’s wedding event; last November, we got to meet Franklin, the turkey and chef for a special Turkey Day event where players helped him cook. Zipper, Animal Crossing’s horrifying bunny, was also presented to us in an April 2020 early event.

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