Animal Crossing: New Horizons adds Brewster and The Roost

Animal Crossing New Horizons’ new café — The Roost — will finally open for business on Nov. 5. Nintendo announced officially the arrival of Brewster, a coffee-slinging pigeon during Animal Crossing Direct.

The new Nintendo wing was shown off during the broadcast by Nintendo New Horizons museum, where Brewster’s café The Roost will live. Players can visit the shop for coffee, of course, but there’s so much more to enjoy.

The cozy café is a place where players can meet up with different characters from the game — alongside friends, too. Players can use amiibo cards to invite characters to grab a cup of joe, and sometimes they’ll bring friends.

If New Horizons’ next update drops in November, it’ll be the first substantial update to Nintendo’s island life simulator since March 2021, when Nintendo added the Custom Design Pro Editor Plus feature. (And other farts. Nintendo’s spent most of the past year hosting New Horizons’ annual holiday events with limited-time items from Nook Shopping — but there wasn’t much else to keep players coming back to their islands.

For most of the year, players have been eager — desperate, even — for larger, more in-depth updates to New Horizons, and they’ve been continuously disappointed as Nintendo kept quiet on the game. Nintendo acknowledged that July was a dry month for content and made it clear to its players that they would continue working on new content until 2021.

Particularly: New Horizons players have been eager to see Brewster added into the game, and they’ve been anticipating his addition since the game’s launch. Brewster is a player, and some players have been anticipating his addition since the game’s launch. New Horizons villagers already mention the pigeon in certain interactions — so it’s about time he set up shop on the island.

New HorizonsIt was released originally on Nintendo Switch in March 2020. Since then, more than 33,000,000 copies have been sold by Nintendo, making it one of the most popular Animal Crossing games.

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