Animal Crossing: New Horizons gets gyroids

Nintendo revealed Friday that Gyroids, along with Brewster (and The Roost) will be returning to Animal Crossing during Animal Crossing Direct. That’s right, the semi-sentient decoration pieces will be added into the game for players to collect. They’ll be added on Nov. 5, alongside the huge new update.

You can plant and grow gyroids to make your own. Continue reading gyroids — especially after it rains. Gyroids are also able to play music and can be very adorable. You can even make them match with other rooms.

Lloid was the only gyroid to be found in New Horizons since its launch in March 2020; he’s a non-playable character who collects donations for island projects like bridges and ramps. New Horizons players were surprised at the lack of gyroids when the Nintendo Switch game was released because, strange though they are, they’ve been a series staple. Back in 2008’s Animal Crossing The City Folk, Brewster used to store gyroid collections at The Roost, but it doesn’t look like there’s space for them in The Roost.

Gyroids — at least, more of them than just Lloid — last appeared in 2013’s Animal Crossing New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS. In that game, Brewster didn’t house ’em in his shop, players had to just collect them in their homes. There were. There are manyYou can find them underground, hidden as cursed hidden treasure.

Friends, welcome back.

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