5 Tips That Will Help You Put Together the Perfect Gaming Environment

5 Tips That Will Help You Put Together the Perfect Gaming Environment

Gaming has come a long way over the years. The analog equipment of the 1970s has evolved into a cutting-edge ecosystem of high-tech gadgets, and each game console has its unique equipment. But if you keep the following five tips in mind, you can keep your gaming hardware organized and optimized.

1. Consider Storing Older Consoles

If your modern consoles have backwards compatibility then you should keep the older consoles in storage in your gaming environment. This is because keeping electronics plugged in, but unused, can put them at long-term risk.

2. Keep an Area for Drinks and Snacks

You might assume that you’d never risk spilling drinks or snacks on your precious consoles. But think about how often you or your guests set those items next to gaming equipment and then forget about them. All you need is a single accident to cover your consoles in soda. You can prevent this by simply making designated areas on the periphery, but not next to, your consoles for drinks and snacks.

3. Protect and Clean Your Screens

Have you ever seen how much dust can accumulate in areas that you don’t clean very often? Now think about how that might impact the sensitive touchscreens of portable consoles and touchscreens. If you don’t use your handheld systems or controllers with touch-sensitive surfaces very often then you should consider keeping them in shelves or special cases.

4. Shelves

Professional computing equipment is stored on special shelves called racks. Racks allow for optimal airflow and cable maintenance. Neither of these is quite as much of a concern for game consoles as they are for computer servers. However, airflow and cables are still an issue you need to put a little consideration into. The best way to do so is to take a hint from the data centers and invest in some good shelving. You can buy shelves with holes prebuilt for cables or you can simply drill your own. Just make sure that all fans on the consoles are fully exposed. Proper airflow is an essential part of keeping your equipment from overheating.

5. Ensure Proper Air Circulation

Most people don’t give much thought to the air they’re breathing. As long as you’re not coughing the air must be clean – right? Sadly, the answer to that is a resounding negative. It’s quite easy for the air in your home to be filled with dust, dirt, and even spores. All of that is bad for the long-term health of both your lungs and your electronics. Especially given that game consoles use cooling fans which can bring all of that debris right into their delicate systems. Thankfully professional air duct cleaning services can take care of that problem and ensure your air quality is the health of you and your game consoles. This tip also goes along with the previous one for shelving. Proper shelving combined with duct cleaning ensures proper cooling and dust control.

The perfect gaming environment can be achieved by taking a few proactive steps when setting it up.