3 Unique Ways to Personalize Your Gaming Accessories

3 Unique Ways to Personalize Your Gaming Accessories

Every gamer wants a unique-looking setup that shows off their personality, whether they simply want to enjoy it themselves or are streamers looking to impress their audience on social media with some truly unique rig pics. Looking for ways to get started making your gamer setup a little more personal without breaking the bank? Here are 3 easy ways to make custom gaming gear out of the headphones, controllers, and other accessories you already own.

1. Stickers

Rub-resistant, high-quality stickers are the quickest and easiest way to add a bit of customization to your accessories. Sites like Etsy and Redbubble, as well as artists at your local craft fair, offer waterproof stickers by millions of talented artists to fit whatever aesthetic you’re going for. Have you always wanted your setup to be themed after your favorite video game, but the developers aren’t selling any custom gear themed after it? See if there are stickers themed after it you can use to make your own! For especially long-lasting design, you can also look into vinyl stickers – these are usually simple, mono-color pieces made to be used on cars, so they have plenty of durability to handle the sweat, friction, and frustrated hits against a wall your controller may take during regular use.

2. Paint Jobs

Loads of talented painters have made a career out of giving gaming accessories custom paint jobs, from the most minutely detailed figurine painters to cool and clever spray paint artists. Several professional customization websites, like the professional painters at liquidconcepts.com, also offer services for customizing gaming equipment. You may also find some independent artists in your own community painting gear or selling pre-painted gear if your controller is starting to feel a bit worn out.

3. Water Transfer Printing

Water and electronics may sound like they don’t mix, but talented water transfer printing professionals have the know-how to turn your gaming accessories into incredible works of art with vibrant, all-around colors made to last. This method is also great for tackling bigger items. You can have an eye-popping, stunningly detailed water transfer wrap put around your entire computer case for a fraction of the price of a custom case! Water transfer printing, unlike over custom wraps, even leaves important vents and holes unclogged, so there’s no extra work you have to do to make your accessories function like they always have. If you’d rather learn to do this unique type of gaming accessory customization yourself, they also offer DIY kits, custom film, and training so you can customize your gear for years to come and even start your own water transfer printing side hustle!

Whatever look you want your gamer gear to have, and whatever budget you’re working with, there’s an option for you to get started customizing right now, all without having to switch from the accessories you already have, know, and love. Stickers, paint, and water transfer printing all let you unleash your creativity and level up your gaming setup to something you won’t find anywhere else!