Xbox and MAC Cosmetics Bring Game Pass Characters to Life This Halloween

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox, we’re teaming up with the world’s leading professional makeup authority, MAC Cosmetics, to bring gaming and beauty fans Halloween looks inspired by iconic characters from Xbox Game Pass titles. Created by M∙A∙C makeup artists, the stunning looks bring to life the virtual worlds of Halo Sea of ThievesAnd Psychonauts — giving consumers tips to recreate the spooky looks at home this Halloween season.

When I connected with MAC Senior Artist John Stapleton, he perfectly summarized the self-expression offered by both makeup and gaming: “What I enjoy most as an artist and appreciate most about the fantasy worlds of Xbox is that there is no limit to the imagination. You can transform yourself into your favorite character while still having fun, and you create a community with people of different backgrounds. I hope these looks inspire Xbox fans to come up with their own looks from the games for Halloween and beyond.”

Artist: Alicia Martinez (as Milla)
GamingThis is: Psychonauts
The Character: Milla Vodello
Tutorial: peace_love_alicia
Inspiration: “Making myself up as Milla, I wanted to be the warm to Sasha’s cool. I started by brightening my eyes with Fall In Love and Lens Blur Powderkiss Eyeshadows and a pop of sparkle with Behind The Curtain Shapeshifter Duochrome Shadow to bring a new twist to Milla’s traditional eyeshadow look. I then brought an anime-look to lashes with Magic Extensions Mascara for maximum spike before opting for a muted nude on the lips, blending Brick Lip Pencil and topped with All Things Magical Powerglass.” — Alicia Martinez, MAC Artist and Regional Education Trainer

Artist: Martina Derosa
GamingThis is: Halo
The Character: Cortana
Inspiration: “Cortana is a central figure in the Halo games and has inspired countless cosplay imitations and Halloween costumes over the years. When bringing this beloved AI character to life, I made sure to give her glowing eyes and skin extra emphasis to highlight her hologram-like features.” — Martina Derosa, MAC Artist

Artist: Romero Jennings
GamingThis is: Sea of Thieves
Take a look: Lesedi
Tutorial: Romerojennings
Inspiration: “My look pays tribute to the colorful cast of pirates you encounter throughout the epic Sea of ThievesAdventure in search for hidden treasures This look was created to be simple and easy to use, with very pigmented colors and simple application. No pirate outfit is complete without dark, stormy eyes. I created the perfect smokey look with our Brun eyeshadow. It was accented by Kohl Power Eye Pencil, Magic Extension 5mm Fibre Mascara, and 80 Romantic Lashes. I then finished off the look with a bountiful lip created with Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour in Pretty Pleats and Love Me Liquid Lipcolour in Been There, Plum That.” — Romero Jennings, Director of Makeup Artistry, MAC Cosmetics

Get everything you need at to create these Halloween looks, or visit Xbox Game Pass for more inspiration.

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