Ubisoft Confirms Fan Theory About Far Cry 2’s Jackal Villain

Ubisoft confirms that Far Cry 2’s antagonist, Jackal from Far Cry 1, is Jack Carver. 

It is a good news story. IGN, which interviewed Far Cry 2 creative director Clint Hocking about the game. Far Cry 2’s Jackal enemy is Jack Carver. However, this belief has long been supported by Far Cry 2 players. Hocking now confirms that the theory is true. 

Hocking explained that Jack Carver was the Jackal in Far Cry. Hocking said that Jack Carver was a shifty, smuggler and gun-runner type of crook in Far Cry. He was the Jackal, and he is still there, 10 years after seeing what he saw in Far Cry. 

Hocking says that perhaps Carver’s Jackal transformation was drug-induced or the result of the trauma and stress endured on the island in Far Cry. 

How did fans decide Carver was Jackal? It stemmed from Jackal’s backstory and Jackal’s texture files, as IGN noted. 

Jackal as well as Carver are both veterans of the U.S. Navy. Both also trade illegally in weapons. Although this could be a random coincidence, it makes Far Cry 2’s texture file names for Jackal more logical. The Jackal’s texture files in Far Cry 2 all feature the name “jackcarver,” such as “jackcarver_hair_d_mip0.dds” and “jackcarver_shoes_d.dds.” 

This could be a strange coincidence but Ubisoft creates the file names. It’s not common to use the name “jackcarver”, in texture files for Jackal. This is a question that fans have asked since Far Cry 2 released back in 2008. 13 years later they now know the answer. The Jackal is Jack Carver. 

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[Source: IGN]

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