Treasures of the Aegean, a Time Loop Action Adventure, Available Now

Treasures of AegeanThera is the setting for this thrilling thriller, which is a historical action adventure set in Thera. Marie Taylor, who is a treasure hunter and historian, is the main character of this story. They discover the hidden secrets of a lost kingdom, which is tragically locked in an unending time loop.

Treasures of AegeanBeautiful hand-drawn art is available to the player, inspired by European comic book styles such as Tin Tin’s Adventures. The beautiful artwork is matched perfectly by the captivating soundtrack. Explore Thera, the Lost Island. Discover what happened to Minoan civilisation.

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As you delve deeper into this gorgeous non-lineal open world and start unveiling the hidden secrets of Thera, you’ll also recover valuable relics scattered around the island. It is important to find new clues for each loop. This will allow you to unravel the mysteries of Thera and fulfill an ancient prophecy.

Parkouring is a great way to navigate a challenging terrain. You can slide down steep hills, climb high walls, swing from vines, and jump over dangerous gaps and obstacles. Each corner hides an artifact, a piece or the solution to a puzzle.

Treasures of AegeanThese are the key points:

A time-loop adventure with an atmospheric and compelling soundtrack. There are hundreds of treasures you can find, solve puzzles, play parkour, and many other activities. Treasures of Aegean Available for download right now

Treasures of the Aegean

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Treasures of Aegean

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How did the Minoan civilization disappear? Parkour expert Marie Taylor, and James Andrew the treasure hunter will be revealing the secrets to a lost kingdom that has been trapped in an endless time loop. You will explore a beautiful, non-linear open world. Find valuable relics and chart an island. Also, you’ll find new clues throughout each loop. On your quest for history to repeat itself, you will need to solve the puzzles and mystery that angered old Gods.

The Secrets of Minoan Cataclysm. The volcanic island of Thera was destroyed by a strong explosion in 1639 BC, destroying the Minoan civilization. The history seems to be repeating itself as the island is back and another cataclysm will follow. What was it that the Minoan were so far ahead of their time? Is it possible that King Minos predicted their eventual demise. Is there a way to stop the new eruption at Thera Only one way is there to discover!

An island lost in time, a sunken island. Thera Island is a hidden treasure trove of historic secrets and mystery that has existed in its depths for many centuries. You will discover a forgotten Minoan citadel and navigate through an ottoman sunken fleet to unlock the underground palace. This is where you’ll learn about the people who lived there, their fate, and the details of the lives they led. You can exploit a time glitch to get key information and solve puzzles, before the loop explodes and all of the data disappears.

Time management, precision and solving puzzles are essential. As you parkour through the rough terrain of the island, expect an adventure filled with challenges. Jump over boulders, scale high walls and swing on vines. There is an artifact in every corner. It’s a clue, or piece to the puzzle.

You are not alone on the island… Marie Taylor is the hero of the story, a brilliant treasure hunter who works with her associate, historian James Andrew, seeking out ancient relics. They’ll soon discover that they are not the only ones who know about the Minoan scoop. Longtime rivals will also be on the scene, bringing back ghosts of the past to complicate the situation.

• Time loop adventure
• Atmospheric soundtrack
• Hundreds of treasures to discover
• European comic book art style
• Puzzle solving
• Parkour gameplay
• Historic thriller narrative

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