TikTok users are making fan edits of Butters from South Park

Butters might be gullible and bullied constantly, but at least he’s TikTok famous now.

He is an important character in the Adult Series. South ParkTikTok’s hero edit is now available to. To the delight and surprise of many, Butters fans created catchy videos over the last few months highlighting their favourite moments. His hashtag was viewed over 1.2 billion times at the time of publication. The top videos have gotten as high as 4.9 mil views.

Idolization of the character is often accompanied by an increased interest in other characters. South ParkTikTok has seen a lot of these videos. Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Matt Stone created the animated comedy. The show debuted in 1997, and it is now on its 26th season. This series is about four boys who live in Colorado. It’s most known for its often offensive and irreverent sense of humor, as well as its simplistic and distinctive visual style.

Butters isn’t technically a member of the official group of four main characters, but he’s a mainstay on the show and regularly plays a large role in episodes. He is a goody-two-shoes character and has an docile, gullible disposition. This means he’s often the target of pranks and abuse from other characters on the show, and it has endeared him to fans.

In the TikTok below, we see moments of Carter and Butters spending time together while a sped-up, pitched-up version of “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae plays in the background.

It’s important to note that this is South Park we’re talking about here, so some of the clips use a wide range of explicit and derogatory language, including racial slurs and sexually explicit language. We haven’t included such language in TikTok’s most-liked clips.

The series also features Butters living in fear of his parents. They abuse and ground him regularly. Some edits include clips that show Butters crying.

While Butters is often the one who’s picked on by the friend group, he does have his moments where he lashes out. People have been picking moments where he’s especially cold and editing them to heavy trap beats with dramatic cuts between clips to build hype during the video.

Some videos are also hyped up to show Butter as Professor Chaos.

Contrary to media trends, that are subject to change frequently in fashions and media outlets, South ParkThe show hasn’t really disappeared. Since 1997, the show has been aired continuously. Its cultural relevance fluctuates. Similar to the rest of TikTok, Butters is a long-standing star. His voice has been behind TikTok trends like the “It’s fine if you’re gay, Butters, I dont care” sound and “kill john lennon” sounds. Still, the Butters trends in the past few months have catapulted the show to a new level of prominence on what has become one of the world’s most popular apps.

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