The Steam Summer Sale is live now, runs through early July

Another massive Steam Summer Sale. Dubbed “Steam 3000,” this year’s sale is now live and ends on July 7 at 1 p.m. ET.

Players can pick up old classics at low prices, with the sale price ranging from high to very low. Titanfall 2 For next to nothing or for more recent titles such as the PC version God of WarWith a good chunk of shaving off the top.

But the real magic is in the middle. Cyberpunk 2077Only $29.99 for 50% Monster Hunter Rise’s PC version, which came out earlier this year and has an expansion coming up in a few days, is 49% off.

Steam has a lot of amazing deals. It’s easy to spend more than you budget by browsing through the many options. You want games older than a year and that offer a 30-60% discount for the first time. That’s how you can add Hitman 3, Resident Evil 8Please see the following: Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceAccess your Steam Library at a Price Below $90

A variety of players find the Steam Summer Sale a great deal. For those on a budget, the Steam Summer Sale is a gathering point for a year’s worth of purchases. And for the more spendthrift gamer, it’s a time to take low-stakes chances on some unknown titles.

But this year’s Steam Summer Sale has a bit of an unspoken angle to it. It’s the first Summer Sale since the introduction of the Steam Deck earlier this year. As a device, the Steam Deck makes PC gaming both accessible and mobile — two things most players wouldn’t normally associate with desktop games. This sale is for players with a Steam Deck, or those who are interested in one. It’s the best chance to grab games they don’t normally have or to save money on their Nintendo Switch.

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