The Live-Action Detention Film Premieres In U.S. Theaters October 8

In the summer of 2019, we learned that a film adaptation of Red Candle Games’ horror game Detention was getting a Live action film. For those unfamiliar with Detention, it’s a creepy and well-received 2017 horror side-scroller about a student who explores a warped version of her school in search of her missing teacher. It’s finally possible to view the film version of this adventure in theatres tomorrow. 

The game is very similar to it. The DetentionIt takes place in 1962 Taiwan which is under martial law. Fang, a timid teenage girl who was raised in an abusive household, joins an underground literary group that educates students by using banned books. The goal is to preserve the dream of freedom. Fang eventually finds herself in love with Professor Chang after she realizes that she is able to open up to him. Fang wakes up one night and discovers that her school is being distorted by an unknown force. Fang partners with Wei, another student, as they search for Professor Chang and figure out what’s going on as sinister supernatural entities stand before them. 

The Detention premiered in Asia throughout 2019 and 2020 and opens nationwide in North American theaters and digital cinemas on Friday, October 8th. 

Red Candle Games revealed its disturbingly similar and terrifying sequel, Devotion in early 2015. This was after it had been delisted from the Chinese government for several years. Though that doesn’t have a movie, it’s worth playing if you want a good sense for the studio’s top-notch horror chops this Halloween season. Read our full review here. 

Are you planning to add Detention to the list of horror movies to see this month? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments 

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