The Haunting Arrives in Season Six Reloaded of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone


  • The Haunting is led by two iconic killers, along with new modes that are only available for a limited time across Multiplayer and Zombies. Warzone
  • Become — or defeat — the Ghosts of Verdansk in a new Battle Royale mode pitting you against threats both living and dead. Plus: Scream Deathmatch, Hallows’ Eve Outbreak, and much more.
  • Get rid of your worst fears with horror-themed bundles like this Limited-Time “Scream” Operator BundleThe Tracer Pack: “Donnie Darko” Limited-Time Bundle

The Haunting returns in Season Six. Evil prowls and the sun goes down. Black Ops Cold War – Call of DutyAnd WarzoneYou can. There are new horrors waiting for you in all media. Through November 2, the blockbuster Halloween Event will be in full swing. Read on for more… if you dare:

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Haunting

Special-Time Operator Bundle Premieres With Plenty of Fear

Take the Haunting’s compass at the Haunting’s beginning. Bundle of Limited-Time OperatorsThis includes Ghostface to be used in WarzoneAnd Black Ops Cold War, long before the iconic killer’s return to cinemas in January 2022.

Get the Ghostface Operator and other “Scream” themed items, like the Violent End Finishing Move, the Cordless Phone Weapon Charm, and the Legendary Ghost Blade Weapon Blueprint.

Later in Haunting: Donnie Darko’s Tracer Pack Limited-Time Bundle

Find the Tracer Pack: “Donnie Darko” Limited-Time BundleTo access the Frank the Rabbit Operator Skin, you must arrive on October 24th.

The Ghosts of Verdansk Invade the Warzone

The Ghosts of Verdansk mode is a spiritual successor to Zombie Royale. It offers new challenges and threats to Battle Royale. The Haunting event is the only time this mode is available. Death does not necessarily mean that you will be taken to Gulag. After they are eliminated, Operators turn into Ghosts.

Ghosts can acquire supernatural abilities such as Super Jump which allows them to jump high and float to safety. Teleporting is another ability that ghosts have, which helps them to overcome live Operators. Spectral Blast can be used to disable Operators by using an area of effect stun attack.

You can take out operators to get souls Ghosts will exchange for another live life. Or, you can redeploy your Operators immediately by doing a Finishing Move. Operators in dire need should head to Sacred Ground, a sanctuary unpassable by the undead… at least until they destroy it.

Your Fear will be tracked from 0 to 100. Each Operator starts the match with zero Fear points. The hallucinations start at 50 points. The hallucinations begin at 100. No one’s lived to tell about it.

Fear can increase when an enemy strikes you. It also increases when you see corpses or Ghosts in your camp and you lose a friend. When you kill an enemy Ghost Operator or Ghost, bring back a Squadmate or complete a Contract or stay within Sacred Ground, fear decreases.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Haunting

Multiplayer Brings Nuketown ’84 Halloween, New Modes

The original Black Ops Map is filled with Halloween spirit. There will be a shift between day and night, as well as plenty of props such as the pumpkin clock or other decorations. The Haunting will feature three new Multiplayer modes that are limited to 3 players.

  • Infected. The 18 Operators will be divided into 2 teams, Survivors and Zombies. Zombies attempt to make the remaining survivors undead. If the clock ticks before everyone else joins, then the Survivors are victorious.
  • Prop Hunt Halloween. This themed Prop Hunt sees player-controlled skulls, jack-o’-lanterns, black cats, bats, skeletons, and more hiding among the other decorations in Nuketown ’84 Halloween.
  • Scream Deathmatch This mode is terrifying and two Operators serve as Ghostfaces. Their task is to eliminate their prey. Survivors must face the killers head-on or run for their lives, though their periodic screams will make it difficult to hide for long…

Zombies Reign in the Hallows’ Eve Outbreak

Can you survive the Hallows’ Eve Outbreak? This Outbreak variant has one goal: to survive. Although the match is only 10 minutes long in one Region, the difficulty increases every 2 minutes. This means that there will be more Specials, Elites with greater health, zombies and specials. Do you feel overwhelmed? The Orda can give you a big boost in Loadout. No big deal.

Zombies Halloween Updates

Grab Scare Packs that contain big rewards for every round in the Zombies map and every Outbreak Region. Zombies can also drop Jack O’Lanterns for additional rewards, and enemies with pumpkin heads will appear in that can be shot off for bonus Essence.

Get new challenges and rewards

The Haunting has two sets, each with nine challenges. WarzoneThe other is for Black Ops Cold WarYou can find out more. You can complete challenging tasks to unlock new items such as Weapon Blueprints. You can unlock either the LAPA SMG or any other set by completing both. This is a powerful weapon capable of high damage and has a great range.

Are you eager to give the new tool a try? Get the Terrible End Bundle, launching alongside The Haunting, to equip the “Abnormality” Weapon Blueprint, the first Weapon Blueprint for this new weapon.

You’ll find more horrors in our store

For the Halloween week, visit the store to get new Ultra-rarity operator skins. There are three bundles available. Dress to kill in Portnova’s Tracer Pack Necro Queen Reactive Mastercraft Package, recruit acolytes as the “Disciple of Mayhem” from the Disciple Of Mayhem Ultra Bundle: Tracer PackGet the lights on and brighten up your night with the Tracer Pack: Lumens Maxis Ultimate Bundle

Haven’t yet joined the fight? Take action Black Ops Cold War on the Xbox Store today, and experience The Haunting on October 19.

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