The Epic Games Store getting new achievement system and profile XP

Epic Games Store now has an integrated achievement system. Epic Achievements is the name of this system, which will be available in a handful of games beginning next week. Epic made Monday’s announcement.

Epic Achievements will first be made available League Hades Pillars to Eternity The Humanity Zombie Army 4 Defense Grid, and a few more titles that Epic hasn’t announced yet. The tools will soon be available to other developers, meaning that more games could receive their Epic Achievements by the end of this year.

All achievements will be displayed on the details page for each Epic Achievements-enabled game. Epic Accounts will be levelled up by the achievements, allowing players to show their accomplishments off to their friends. The rarer — and more difficult — the achievement, the more experience it will give. Here’s a list of the achievement tiers and how much XP they can grant.

  • Bronze — 5-45 XP
  • Silver — 50-95 XP
  • Gold — 100-200 XP
  • Platinum — 250 XP

This isn’t the first time that games on the Epic Games Store have had achievements, but it is the first time those achievements will be part of a unified system that will be tracked outside of each individual game. All developer achievements that were previously exclusive to a specific game will be accessible in every other game.

In fact, according to Epic, if a game previously had developer achievements and switches over to the new Epic Achievements, all progress will carry over right away, and you’ll get the XP you already earned.

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