Teardown Part 2 finishes the game’s campaign, adds clever new tools

TeardownThis is an extremely fun and entertaining voxel-destructing game. The player takes on the role of a sneaky saboteur who pulls off the ultimate heist. This game has been available for early access since 2019 when it was revealed. A significant update is on the way from developer Tuxedo Labs, and it’s big enough to constitute the “second half of the game,” although there is no release date as of yet.

What’s on the way? Some additions seem small, although they’ll likely have a big impact. The wire tool, for instance, can tether objects together — and it maintain tension, so players can get some catapult action going with the right set-up.

Rocket boosters are another option, and this is exciting for many reasons. One rocket booster won’t take an object very far, but the more you apply, the higher things go. In a Twitter video, the developer demonstrated the boosters.

Of course, there are new challenges as well — like these robots, who will march towards you with a determined little trot.

Honestly, it’s adorable … up until the security bot deploys a flamethrower. They will be appearing in the campaign so players must find clever ways to defeat them or shut them down.

Teardown’s Part 2 update will conclude the campaign, but the developer will continue supporting the update and modding community. For those already possessing the update, it will be available for free. Teardown

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