Destiny 2’s Forsaken campaign and destination are going away

Destiny 2’s best campaign is going the way of Cayde-6. The answer is yes. Forsaken Together with The Tangled Shore, the campaign will be added to The Destiny Content Vault in February 2022 during The Witch Queen’s expansion.

For the uninitiated, the Destiny Content Vault is Bungie’s way of purging old content from Destiny 2 Add original to your new website. Destiny Added content to the game. Last year, Bungie vaulted four locations — Io, Titan, Mercury, and Mars — and returned the Cosmodrome and several associated Strikes from the original Destiny. Destiny’s first raid also returned from the Destiny Content Vault earlier this year in a reprised format.

With The Witch QueenBungie has a much lighter hand now than in 2020. Beyond LightYou can. Players won’t lose access to any major bits of endgame content like The Last Wish raid or the Shattered Throne dungeon. However, the story missions themselves will be lost. Forsaken They will also be removed from the location they took place at.

Additionally, players will lose access to seasonal content such as Harbinger or Presage missions. Battlegrounds — the seasonal activity from Season of the Chosen — won’t be leaving the game like Override and Astral alignment, and will instead join Proving Ground, Warden of Nothing, and other Strikes in what Bungie is calling the “Vanguard Operations” playlist.

Bungie stated in the beginning that the DCV would help reduce content bloat, and allow the development of the game to be more straightforward. The studio also revealed in this announcement that content will be removed during development. Beyond LightThe era saw faster patching and quicker loading speeds. This time, Bungie is essentially taking out content commensurate with what it’s adding in The Witch Queen — alongside some reprised content like maps and another classic raid.

To say farewell to The Tangled Shore and the Forsaken campaign, all players — free and paid — will be able to play through the campaign from Dec. 7 to The Witch Queen’s launch in 2022. Bungie will also sell a brand new Pack called The Forsaken Pack. This pack will give you access to The Last Wish raid and The Shattered Throne dungeon. Forsaken Era Guardians that have purchased previously Forsaken The pack will be unlocked automatically. Bungie didn’t reveal a price for the upcoming pack.

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