Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gets Doom Slayer from Doom as a Mii Fighter

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game director Masahiro Sakurai not only revealed the game’s last DLC fighter on Tuesday, he also announced a batch of new Mii Fighters. This includes the addition Doom’s Doom Slayer and Splatoon’s Octoling and a cat named Judd.

Many Smash players hoped that. Doom’s Doom Slayer would be added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an actual fighter — but it’s Kingdom Hearts’ Sora that got that role. The Mii Fighter costume to Doom Slayer for Doomguy is definitely better than nothing. Doomguy now has the opportunity to fight with Isabelle, his best friend.

Mii Fighter costumes were created to allow smaller and less well-known characters to get into Smash Bros. Ultimate is home to Nintendo characters like Toad, Geno and Isaac, all from Super Mario. Super Mario RPGThe following are third-party appearances: Vault Dweller of Fallout, Hunters From Monster Hunter and Sans from The UndertaleAkira from Virtua Fighter, Jacky von Virtua Fighter.


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