Sonic 2, Ambulance, and more new movies you can watch at home

This week we have another batch of new movies available on VOD streaming. Here’s the sequel. Sonic to Hedgehog Paramount Plus, Michael Bay Action Movies – he lands Ambulance Peacock is home to “One of our favourite movies so far”

There’s also an intriguing college comedy thriller on Prime Video, the Ti West horror movie X You can rent it at a lower rental cost and stream the same group of originals on Netflix, such as a Hulu documentary that focuses on the late rapper XXXTentacion, or a Netflix dark Turkish drama.

These are the latest movies you can watch at home, so let’s get started.

Sonic the Hedgehog II

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Knuckles and Sonic square off, face to face, in a still from Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Image: Paramount Pictures/Sega of America

Ben Schwartz returns to reprise his role as the lovable super-fast hedgehog in the top-grossing sequel to 2020’s Sonic the Hedgehog. When the villainous Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) returns to conquer the Earth alongside a mysterious new ally named Knuckles (Idris Elba), Sonic will have to join forces with his buddy Tails the two-tailed fox (Colleen O’Shaughnessey) in order to save the day.

Our review:

Perhaps some of it is meant to be an homage like Sonic’s voice (voiced and recorded by Ben Schwartz), calling the movie. Snow Dogs “the woooooorst” in the frequently GIF’d sing-song cadence of Schwartz’s Parks and Recreation character, Jean-Ralphio Sanderson. The experience of watching is defined by the shameless, frantic grab for cultural knicknacks Sonic the Hedgehog II. This sequel is technically Continue reading fun and more engaging than its predecessor — while placing its strongest emphasis on the more part. Robotnik’s concern about dying a derivative death makes sense — Carrey’s scenes are the only moments where the SonicMovies begin to feel as if they could create a unique comic voice.


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Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II sit in the cab of an ambulance in Ambulance

Photo: Andrew Cooper/Universal Pictures

This is one of the best films of 2022, so far. AmbulanceAfter a decade of making Transformers films, Michael Bay is back in form with this movie. Yahya Abul-Mateen II and Jake Gyllenhaal star as brothers bank robbers who drive a hijacked Ambulance (plus some remarkable breakthroughs in the use of drones to film action).

Our review:

AmbulanceIt belongs to an exclusive breed of action films that have been expelled from theaters in the past two decades due to the phenomenal, digital franchise blockbuster. It’s a one-shot idea that sets off a practical spectacle of car crashes, gun battles, stunts, and sweaty acting, orchestrated by a deranged ringmaster of a director who will stop at nothing to get the shot he has in mind. It’s stupid, exciting, unruly (with a 136-minute run time), and strangely refreshing.

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Donald Elise Watkins, Sebastian Chacon, and RJ Cyler in Emergency.

Image: Amazon Studios

Donald Elise Watkins (Black BoxRJ Cyler and ).The harder they fall, the more difficult.(Starring in the comedy-thriller about satirical colleges Notify us immediatelyAfter a long night, two Black college roommates arrive home to find an unconscious woman in their apartment. Fearing they will be implicated in wrongdoing, the pair, along with their roommate Carlos, attempt to drive the woman somewhere safe without calling the police, all while the woman’s sister (Sabrina Carpenter) desperately searches for her.


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The doomed crew of X walks through tall grass, film equipment in hand

Christopher Moss/A24.

Ti West’s first horror movie in nearly a decade is a slasher following a group of young people making a porno in Texas, unbeknownst to the shotgun-toting old man whose cabin they’re using as a set. You can now rent it at a lower price.

Our review:

Funny as can be X gets at times, however, it’s just as effective at providing scares as it is at provoking laughs. After the killings start, West unleashes the gore. His co-editor David Kashevaroff uses novel, effective editing to increase the scares or make new ones. There are many ways to make a kill go away, including juxtapositions and screen wipes. X This makes it an unpredictable experience.


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Sandra Oh as Beth holding a lantern outside as an ominous figure stands behind them in Umma.

Photo: Saeed Ayani/Sony Pictures Entertainment

Sandra Oh is the star of 2022’s psychological horror movie Umma as a mother living on a quiet American farm coping with her daughter’s impending departure to college. Her mother’s remains arrive on her doorstep and start a chain reaction that leads to painful and terrifying memories that haunt her.

Our review:

Many notable horror movies have been inspired by the themes Shim is trying to investigate, including this one. Relic, RunningAnd It is a hereditary matter. For comparison: UmmaIt seems that actors are operating under the assumption of safety, which makes them appear uncomfortable but never fearful. Oh, as a leading horror actor, is particularly static. Rather than letting loose with frustration or fear, committing to Amanda’s inner monster, or varying her performance in any way, she looks continuously dismayed, conveying all the soul-shaking terror of someone dreading a long bus ride. Stewart fares a little better, especially when she’s paired with Odeya Rush as a more socialized girl her age. But the movie doesn’t have much imagination when it comes to the effects of her character’s near-total isolation. Chris is basically a perfectly normal girl, without any cell phone.

A Banquet

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Jessica Alexander in A Banquet.

Image: IFC Midnight

Ruth Paxton, a Scottish filmmaker makes her feature film debut in this scary horror film about Sienna Guillory (a widow) and her two daughters. Jessica Alexander is one of these girls and she experiences what she thinks to be some sort of religious experience. She refuses to eat after this experience and her mother tries to take care of her.

Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse

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The Teen Titans and DC Super Hero Girls sit around a table with burgers and fries.

Image: DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. Animation

That’s what you think? You can have everything at once Doctor Strange, in the Multiverse of MadnessDid you know that there were no multiverse films coming out in this year’s release? But you were mistaken! When Lex Luthor uses an ancient Kryptonian power to imprison all of Earth’s mightiest heroes, the DC Super Hero Girls are forced to travel across dimensions in search of help. With no one else to turn to, they’ll have to settle for the help of the Teen Titans.

Tayla is the Kicker

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Aussie football player Tayla Harris sparring in a boxing ring in Kick Like Tayla.

Image: Amazon Studios

This documentary is about Tayla Harris (Australian Rules Football Player). Tayla is the Kicker promises “unprecedented access” into her life on and off the field. Harris, who was subject to an internet harassment campaign in 2019, is the focus of the film. It focuses on Harris’ response and how she uses that platform to support women in sport.

The Taste of Hunger

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Katrine Greis-Rosenthal and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in A Taste of Hunger.

Magnolia Pictures

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of ThronesKatrine GreissRosenthal (right) and Johana Rossal (left), star in this Danish drama The Taste of HungerCarsten and Maggie are a couple that is renowned for their culinary talents. They open their popular Copenhagen restaurant. Despite their relative happiness, the two become obsessed with the one thing they don’t have — a Michelin star. Carsten and Maggie decide to give up everything and possibly even their marriage to pursue their dreams.

Look at Me: XXXTentacion

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Jahseh Onfroy (also known as XXXTENTACION) holding a lighter in the 2022 documentary Look at Me: XXXTentacion.

Image: Hulu

Documentary 2022 See MeThe film follows the controversial emo rap star XXXTentacion’s life. Composed of archival footage of the singer’s last years, as well as interviews by his friends and family members, the film charts X’s rise to prominence, the allegations of domestic abuse involving his ex-girlfriend, and his death in 2018.


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Yulia Klass as Alys hiding under a bed with a hammer in her hand in Captors.

Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Captors, the survival thriller follows Alys. Alys is a survivor from sex traficking. A mysterious man lures her to a cabin hidden in the forest and forces her to fight to survive.

Saints Are Not Existing

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Ron Perlman aiming a gun and holding a rope in There Are No Saints.

Image: Saban Films

Paul Schrader (author).The Card CounterAlfonso Pineda Ulloa directed the film. Saints Are Not Existing follows the story of “the Jesuit” (José María Yazpik), a former hitman imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. When his wife is murdered and his son is kidnapped by a ruthless cartel boss (Ron Perlman), he devises an elaborate plan to escape prison, rescue his son, and avenge his wife’s murder.

Whales at the Table

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A group of men in sweatshirts, one of them covered in blood, stand on the shore of a beach in A Taste of Whale.

Image: Greenwich Entertainment

French documentary explores controversial Faroe Island tradition where 700 pilot whales were killed each year.

Zero Contact

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Anthony Hopkins as tech mogul Finley Hart in Zero Contact.

Lionsgate Image

This sci-fi thriller is entirely shot using Zoom. Zero Contact follows the story of five people from the far corners of the world who, compelled by the dying wish of the late tech titan Finley Hart (Anthony Hopkins), are forced to work together to shut down Hart’s most secret invention: a machine with the power to either save the world or destroy all life on Earth. So it’s kind of like 2004’s iRobotOnly with webcams, no Will Smith


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Engin Akyürek and Tolga Saritas as Yüzbasi Salih and Astegmen Kerim riding in a car in Godspeed.

Image by Netflix

Dark Turkish film about a soldier who is struggling with his experiences and escapes from hospital in order to prevent a marriage.

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