Riverdale casts Kiernan Shipka’s Sabrina for season 6 crossover episode

Sabrina Spellman (again) is back from the grave Warner Bros. TV revealed that Thursday’s announcement was made. The chilling adventures of Sabrina’s Kiernan Shipka will reprise the roleA teenage witch will be appearing in the future RiverdaleSeason 6.

It The chilling adventures of SabrinaThe CW was the original creator of series. RiverdaleRoberto Aguirre Sacasa (creator), is also the author of “The Authentic Italian”. CAOSComics. However The chilling adventures of SabrinaThe Archie Comics series was moved to Netflix. Fans never saw any crossovers. Aguirre Sacasa added a few Easter eggs and references to the series. CAOS For Riverdale fans to appreciate, but it just wasn’t the same as seeing the Fright Club meet up with the Vixens, Red Circle, Gargoyle Gang, or whatever name our favorite RiverdaleChildren were walking by the scene at that time.

Aguirre Sacasa claims that there had been a final attempt to create a sacasa. crossover between the two seriesIn The chilling adventures of Sabrina’s fifth season. This storyline will be described in the new CAOSComics would have followed the witch war, which seems to pit characters from each show against one another. Netflix chose to discontinue the series. The chilling adventures of SabrinaThe anticipated crossover was cancelled after season 4.

And while it’s unlikely that Shipka’s appearance in Riverdale’s sixth season will be the full-scale witch war Aguirre-Sacasa originally imagined — unless a lot more casting news is to come — it’s still an extremely exciting development for fans of the Hot Archie Cinematic Universe. At the same time, it’s also a slightly confusing one, seeing as Amazing Adventures of Sabrina ended with both Sabrina Spellman and her doppelgänger Sabrina Morningstar deceased after sacrificing themselves to save the universe. Both have always known that death is meaningless. Riverdale Sabrina, so we’re mainly just curious to see what wild explanation they come up with to bring ‘Brina back from heaven.

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