PUBG Mobile Sequel, New State, Gets November Launch Date

PUBG Studios’ upcoming PUBG Mobile sequel, New State, will launch on November 11. 

The following news is from Video Games ChronicleAccording to, New State is a new game that will take place in the future of PUBG. It is free-to play, seasonal-based and live-service. It will launch in 200 different countries and will feature 17 languages in-game for players to choose from. 

New State is extremely popular already, several weeks ahead of the official launch for mobile devices. More than 50 million people have already preregistered to play the game. New State, which will be launched in 2051 on PC and consoles, will include four maps, including Erangel and Troi maps. 

Based on VGC, PUBG Studios says the mobile title’s gunplay system is “on par with what’s found in the PC version” of PUBG. The game features an innovative player recruitment system and plenty of weapon customization. New State’s last technical test before its official launch will take place from October 29 through October 30 in 28 countries worldwide. 

While you’re waiting for PUBG New State on iOS and Android to launch next month, be sure to check the original announcement. Then, watch this Callisto Protocol Trailer, that showcases Dead Space, a horror-themed game in the same universe of PUBG.

[Source: Video Games Chronicle]

When PUBG New States launches next month, will you check it out? Please comment below.

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