Pokémon Unite’s Halloween Event Adds Greedent Along With Spooky Tricks And Treats

MOBA is a hit Pokémon Unite gets its first Halloween event and it kicks off tomorrow. Greedent from Sword & Shield joins the fray along with plenty of treats to accompany your strategic tricks. 

Greedent, a brand new character, is exciting. This squirrel-like critter serves as a melee defender that’s also cute as a button. You can see him at work in the trailer. 

It wouldn’t be Halloween if you couldn’t dress up, and that’s exactly what you can do during the event. As seen in the trailer posted in the header, you can turn Charizard into the world’s scariest hipster with a beanie and scarf combo, make Blastoise the ultimate firefighter, or dress Lucario in a dark ensemble that, honestly, makes it resemble the hunter from Bloodborne. Also, you can outfit your trainer avatar in Jack-o’lantern-style Pikachu masks or a witch hat. You can launch holiday-themed attacks, such as shooting giant pumpkins at your foes for Halloween!

The Halloween celebration begins October 20 and runs through November 7. Free-to-play Pokémon Unite is available on Switch, iOS, and Android, complete with cross-play and cross-progression. 


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