First trailer for new Netflix animated series Dogs in Space

Netflix’s newest animated show, Dogs in Space This is what the title says: There are dogs in space. The first trailer for the upcoming show, posted on Netflix’s Kids and Family account Netflix Futures, reveals a plucky band of genetically enhanced canines who leave Earth to scout out a new home for humanity, because the humans have more or less destroyed Earth. Figures. Despite the fact that their mission is difficult and filled with easily annoyed aliens it seems, this leader will not let them down!

Jeremiah Cortez is executive producer and the series’ debut. She-Ra the Princess of Power and the PrincessesAdam Henry is the producer. Haley Joel Osment is Garbage; Sarah Chalke plays Stella; Kimiko Glenn portrays Nomi; Chris Parnell as Ed; David Lopez as Chonies; William Jackson Harper, Loaf and JP Karliak portray Happy.

Dogs living in Space Netflix releases Nov. 18.

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