Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ cutest new Pokémon feeds on your terror

Ah! Look at that sweet, baby Pokémon. It’s so fluffy and has big puppy dog eyes. Of course, The Pokémon Company couldn’t just leave it at that. It’s not so. Pokémon Legends: Arceus cutest new Pokémon form for Zorua is powered by pure hatred of humans. Yes, that’s in the official description for Hisuian Zorua, released Tuesday by The Pokémon Company.

When we saw Hisuian Zorua’s evolved form Zoroark last week, we already knew that they would both have semi-dark backstories. But these two Pokémon It is reallyHumans are hateful, which is a fair reason.

Per Zorua’s description, regular Zorua migrated to the Hisui region after humans drove them out of their native land — “shunned” due to their powers of illusion. All the Zorua perished because of Hisui’s harsh weather. Hisuian Zorua are … the “lingering souls” of Zorua, powered by “their malice toward humans and Pokémon.”

If you do, be prepared to confront one. Arceus Teaser: Zorua will masquerade themselves as you and then feed off your terror. That’s awesome! The full description of the horror is here:

Hisuian Zoorua

Category: Spiteful Fox Pokémon

Type: Ghost/Normal

Height: 2’4” (0.7 m)

Weighing 27.6 pounds (12.5 kg).

Use the Power of Spite to Rebirth as a Ghost Type

These Zorua migrated to the Hisui region after being driven from other lands by humans, who shunned the Pokémon for manifesting uncanny illusions. But the Zorua perished, unable to survive the harsh Hisuian environment and strife with other Pokémon. Their lingering souls were reborn in this Ghost-type form through the power of their malice toward humans and Pokémon.

Disguising Themselves and Feeding on Targets’ Terror

If Hisuian Zorua spot a lone person or Pokémon, the Zorua may appear before them in a guise mimicking the target’s appearance. Unlike the illusions of the previously discovered form of Zorua, these ghostly mimicries are created using spiteful power emitted from the long fur on Hisuian Zorua’s head, around its neck, and on its tail.

two very evil pokemon that are also very cute

Image: The Pokémon Company

As for Zoroark, which is described as a “baneful” fox, encountering one somehow feels worse, because it’s able to — and please listen carefully — emit a spiteful power that breaks down humans from “inside and out.”

“And the illusions that Zoroark projects have expressions of such utter malice toward every last thing upon this world that those who see them are said to be driven mad by the terror,” The Pokémon Company said. Here’s its full description:

Hisuian Zroark

Category: Baneful Fox Pokémon

Type: Ghost/Normal

Height: 5’3” (1.6 m)

Weighing 160.9 lb. (73kg)

From its voluminous coat, cursed illusions erupt

The spiteful power emitted from Hisuian Zoroark’s long, writhing fur projects terrifying illusions—and can also inflict physical harm upon foes, damaging their bodies from both inside and out. The terror that Zoroark creates is so vile and cruel to all things on this planet that it drives those who witness them mad.

A Pokémon with an Unexpected Soft Side

Hisuian Zoroark is ferociously hostile and aggressive toward people and other Pokémon. However, it seems to show compassion for its family members.

It seems that things are going smoothly. Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ Hisui region. The Pokémon Company is also offering players a Baneful Fox Mask — stylized after Zoroark — for players who purchase the game early. The mask could be used as an identification tool to identify you and your friend. Anyway, it’s in addition to the already announced Hisuian Growlithe set that’s Thank youIt’s cute.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus It is available on Nintendo Switch Jan. 28, 2022

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