No, We’re Not Getting Any ‘Big Game News’ From Xbox Today About Fable

We’re sorry to be the ones to tell you this: the Xbox Game Studios Publishing Twitter account was not teasing news about Playground Games’ in-development Fable game or anything game-related to Fable (even though it seemed like it was). 

After two tweets were sent by fans yesterday, Fable followers began to speculate about whether or not there would be any news today. Xbox Game Studios PublishingThis seemed to hint at such information. Here’s the tweet that was sent first: 

We’re excited to kick off something special tomorrow! We’ll need one more day for the chicken preparations. 🐔  

That tweet has since been deleted, which is why it’s presented as a screenshot of a Slack message above. That tweet doesn’t necessarily Let’s scream! Fable, but the mention of preparing the chickens and the chicken emoji had some Fable fans saying, “maybe …”

Xbox Game Studios Publishing then replied to its tweet with a second, deleted tweet which stated the following: 

We’d call it our Fable Anniversary, but that name was already taken.

So that account first mentioned Fable. This furthered speculation that today’s news is related to Fable. These two teases, which appear to be Fable-related, also occur just four days prior the 13th anniversary Fable 2, released October 21, 2008.

Fable game news speculation peaked at this point – a Fable 2 Anniversary release, perhaps, or maybe a new look at Playground’s upcoming Fable? – and then, later that day, the same account essentially tweeted that today’s announcement is not related to “any big game news.” 

I am sorry! We don’t have any big game news tomorrow, or any info about Playground’s upcoming Fable game.

Just like that, all our hopes and dreams of a Fable 2 Anniversary Release, a la Fable Anniversary were dashed. Maybe this was an elaborate troll by Xbox Game Studios Publishing. It seems more likely, though, that the account was teasing something non-game-related to Fable, such as anniversary merchandise, and our wandering/hopeful minds went straight to “FABLE GAME PLEASE.” 

Fair play, Xbox – we’re just excited to play more Fable. You can blame us! 

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Which Fable game is your favorite in the series? Let us know in the comments below!

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