Animal Crossing New Horizons free update & paid DLC: everything we know

Nintendo was able to add a dizzying number of features. Animal CrossingNew HorizonsUpdates in the 20-minute Animal Crossing Direct Friday. Updates available in both paid and free formats New Horizons, there’s a lot of stuff being added to the game — not only is the museum getting Brewster and The Roost, but there are plenty of new characters and features showing up on the island.

Both of these updates are expected to be available on Nov. 5. Players will not have immediate access to all the features. Everything related to the paid-downloadable content called Happy Home ParadiseOnly players can purchase this DLC for $24.99 or $49.99 per year with the Nintendo Switch Online + Extension Pack.

If you’re confused on what’s included where, we’ve broken down what’s included as part of the free update and what’s separate in Happy Home ParadiseBefore its November 5th launch.

villagers stretching

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What’s included in Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ free November update?

Even without the public announcement Happy Home Paradise, Nintendo’s Animal Crossing Direct had a significant amount of updates. We have everything to know about the free new content.

Brewster & The Roost

sipping coffee at brewster’s counter

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Brewster the coffee-slinging, black pigeon is now open in an expansion of The Roost. It will be available for business starting Nov. 5. Brewster’s coffeeshop can be found on the upper-left corner of the museum. New Horizons’Islanders. Nintendo demonstrated that coffee is 200-bells per cup at the Animal Crossing Direct bar. However, players have the option to bring their coffees to the tables and share them with friends.

Isabelle appeared at The Roost in the clip, too — meaning that The Roost, once again, will likely become a gathering spot to better get to know more folks on the island. Other characters can be invited using amiibo cards, activated at the yellow telephone in the café’s corner.

Characters that are fan-favorite

kapp’n on his boat with an animal crossing player

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

There are plenty of Animal Crossing characters that haven’t yet made it into New HorizonsThese characters are beloved from the older Animal Crossing games. Nintendo’s adding a few of these characters back as part of the free update — Kapp’n, Katrina, Tortimer, and Harriet.

Kapp’n is, naturally, a boat captain that ferries players to exclusive islands, all while singing his sea-faring tunes on the way. He can be found hanging out at a pier waiting to make a trip to a mysterious island: Options include one with weird plants, another that’s in a different season, and ones that are in a different time of day.

Katrina and Harriet will take up shop on Harv’s island, in the new marketplace. Harriet will be offering haircuts with new options, and Katrina telling daily fortunes. Tortimer, who was briefly shown during Animal Crossing Direct and appears to be able to use a storage cart, was briefly seen.

Reese as well, and Cyprus will be returning to New Horizons As a part of a team OtherMore than getting married. They’ll be able to customize items in ways that players aren’t able to otherwise. We’ll also have easier and more consistent access to New Horizons other merchants — like Kicks and Redd — through Harv’s island marketplace, too.


character holding a gyroid

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

It doesn’t look like gyroids will be storable at Brewster’s café in New Horizons but they’re so dang cute that it’s worth making space in your house or elsewhere around your island. Gyroids can be found and dug up around the island, but players can also “plant” gyroids and water ’em to produce more. (They’re likely to show up frequently after rain, too.)

Nintendo claims that they are able to be modified for any atmosphere. Gyroids make strange sounding sounds but they can be synced with music.


Joy-Cons are available for players to grab and use in order to join the villager’s stretch sessions on their island. And it’s not only your character — using the motion controls, players are encouraged to do the moves in real-life, too. It’s Thank youIt’s sweet.

The Farming Industry Cooking

soup, pie, sandwich on a table

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Following the success of pumpkin-growing last year, Nintendo now offers at least five additional crops that players can grow or harvest. These include wheat, tomatoes and potatoes as well as sugarcane and carrots. They work in the same way as pumpkins and can also be used for cooking!

You can unlock the Be a Chef! With Nook Miles players can create new recipes using DIY Recipes+. In the Animal Crossing Direct, Nintendo showed sandwiches, smoothies, soups, and pasta — among plenty more new cooked food items. In essence, New HorizonsThis simulator allows you to farm and cook.

Updates on Quality of Life

a character with blue hair sitting next to a froggy chair

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Froggy Chair

The most important thing is that Froggy’s chair has returned. We’re all eager to see the beloved chair back in Animal Crossing.


To make your island more efficient, you can create ordinances. It is possible to reduce the speed at which weeds grow, and also make characters stay awake longer.

Additional storage

The storage issue has also been contentious New Horizons Players. More stuff is what we want! Before the update, home storage allowed for 2400 items. Three upgrades allow players to increase their storage space by up to 5,000.

Pro Camera App

New Horizons’ Pro Camera app automatically aligns your camera at eye level and creates a tripod to allow you to get in the shot.

Find out more about exterior homes

The home shapes and styles can also be altered. Nintendo demonstrated Japanese-style, log and clay variations at Animal Crossing Direct.

Fences made to order and brand new

There were some last year New Horizons scandals around some players hacking “illegal fences” into the game — like the one seen around Harv’s island. Well, Harv’s fence is illegal no more: Now it’s a fencing option in the game, along with nine other fence types. Park fencing! Block fencing! Iron fencing made of corrugated iron Bamboo fencing!

You can customize fencing with different colors.

Hairstyles, new reactions

New Horizons is getting 11 new hairstyles, including Harriet’s new looks. There are also 11 new reactions to the hair, such as stretching.

Pro Construction License

Inclines and bridges were allowed on an island. Each can now be had 10 at a time.

Pro Decorating License

It is possible to hang decorations or lighting from the ceiling. With the upgrade, you can also make an accent wall — like one wallpaper different than the other.

Plus Custom Designs and Patterns

These patterns can be used to cover floors or wallpaper, and they are designed for specific items.

Alles else

It’s so much, already, that I’m putting everything else in its own category. Nook Miles can now be redeemed for new items — like a plaza balloon wagon or game stand. Another new item is a storage shed. It can also be connected to your home storage and placed wherever you like on the island. It’s a nice quality-of-life feature, alongside the ABD, which is basically an ATM that can be placed around the islAnd.

Y’all, K.K. Slider — your favorite nude singer — also has new songs, including a polka song and a vocaloid song.

Then, there are the new items and stuff to buy at Nook’s Cranny, as well as new DIY recipes, like a permanent ladder so you don’t have to carry yours around anymore. You’ll also notice that your character can now fit in narrow spaces, too. It’s handy!

There are also new ways you can interact with your island buddies. They’ll invite you over, and sometimes they’ll visit you, too.

a manatee and a human sitting on the beach together

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

How much will it cost to buy? Happy Home ParadiseWhich?

New HorizonsHappy Home Paradise is a premium DLC expansion for the game; it’ll cost $24.99 when it launches on Nov. 5. Happy Home ParadiseIt is available as part of Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack DLC for $49.99/year for single accounts and $79.99/year for families.

During Friday’s Animal Crossing Direct, Nintendo showed 10 minutes of footage from the expansion, and what we know is that it’ll send players to work on a resort island designing vacation homes for different villagers — and taking home the design tools you’ve learned on the job.

Paradise Planning

toasting with lottie, niko, and wardell

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Paradise Planning is the resort developer led by Lottie, who you’ll remember from Animal Crossing: Designer for a Happy Home Working with two new characters, Niko and Wardell, you’ll be tasked with creating perfect vacation homes for resort-goers. Getting to know characters looking for second homes, you’ll figure out what they want — and then you make it happen.

New design techniques

Part of Happy Home Paradise, you’ll learn new skills to make designing easier: stuff like adjusting room size by width or length; constructing partition walls(!), different counter heights, support pillars; adding mood lighting by choosing color and brightness; creating atmosphere with “soundscapes,” like construction work or space. Polishing furniture is a thing, now, too, and different effects will be added — a flower cart in the broadcast was polished to add sparkles, and some flowers were polished to include butterflies.

Poki, a brand new currency

You’re paid in Poki, a new currency that can be used on the Happy Home Paradise archipelago. There’s a shop on the island for players to spend it — and it’s always stocked with rare furniture you might not be able to find otherwise.

The latest furniture

You’ll continuously unlock more new furniture as more requests are filled, which you can bring home to your island. It looks like there’s Tons of new stuff added as part of the expansion — more than enough that the expansion price feels worth it just for that. Once you’ve unlocked more furniture, Nintendo suggested going to previous clients and remodeling. You might also recommend that holidaymakers take in roommates.

Designer restaurants and schools

animal crossing school setup in happy home paradise

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Animal Crossing designers have designed restaurants, cafes, libraries, and other facilities since 1995. New Horizons was released, but now we’ll have designated spaces for it on the Paradise Planning island. You can turn these vacant properties into restaurants, schools and hospitals. Villagers can even take over these buildings. Make useThese are their.

Happy Home Network App

Happy Home Paradise designs can be saved in the new Nook Phone app, so you’ll be able to visit old clients and check in on things. These can also be shared online — giving players the ability to visit other designer’s creations.

These tools can be brought back YourInsel

putting an accent wall in a bountiful bear bungalow

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Learn all the latest design techniques in Happy Home ParadiseYou can use them at home or on an island. Gifts of souvenirs can be a great way to get your local islanders excited about the possibility to go to the holiday spot. Nintendo explained that the room-size adjustments are not available on your own island.

In the future, players can remodel their own homes.

How do I cancel an online subscription? Happy Home Paradise?

Nintendo informed the media that those who cancel their Nintendo Switch Online+ Expansion Package subscription will not be able to access it anymore Happy Home Paradise’s archipelago, where vacation homes are designed. However, players will keep access to the new furniture items they’ve unlocked, Nintendo said. If a player decides to sign up again, save data will still be saved on the consoles.

In addition to keeping the furniture, players can also keep their design features such as the ability add partition walls or ambient light.

18 new amiibo cards

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

How about new villager?

Nintendo hasn’t clarified how New HorizonsPlayers can now access new villages, which include more than 12 that were displayed during Animal Crossing Direct. Specifically, Nintendo shared a photo of new amiibo cards to be released on Nov. 5 — showing new characters like Shino the goat, Zen the anteater, and Sasha the bunny. Eighteen new characters were shown — alongside Niko and Wardell — on these amiibo cards, but Nintendo hasn’t said whether they’ll be available to randomly move onto your island, or if they’re only addable via amiibo cards.

We’ve reached out to Nintendo for clarification.

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