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Listeners this week ask the GI crew tough questions. Which videogame characters are worthy of their own movies and which actors should portray them? What causes gaming fatigue and how can you market your video games best?

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Recently, I discovered your program. Your work is great. However, I do find it annoying that some hosts let their big man swag get too much. It’s exciting to see the voices cast for the forthcoming Mario movie. Charlie Day’s casting as Luigi was a great choice. Charlie and Luigi are people that I feel very close to. I was struck by the thought that what characters from video games would you most like to see on the big screen, and who should they be played? It can be live-action or animated. Bonus question: Which one do you dislike or love most about Alex Stadnik? You can’t tell him. Evan McLaughlin

It was possible. It was the Mass Effect Legendary Edition that I finished, but I’ve played the game every day since it came out in May. Yes, it’s true. Give me some time. Because I have a baby at home and work a very demanding job, I can only get about 10 hours gaming per week. The story and characters are impacted more deeply when the three games play together. It was a great game, and I loved it again. But, man! I wanted it over like thirty hours ago and I am now so far behind in all of the games that I have been wanting to play. That brings me back to my question regarding the thing known as Gaming Fatigue. You It feels like I used to love a game for 100+ hours during college and childhood. So why is this feeling so fatigued now? Are you feeling tired because of a lack of time? Or is it due to the constant demand for video games and other content that seems to be so prevalent now, I feel like I must move fast from one game to another.The same fatigue caused me to want to quit a beautiful game. It was a rush to complete content and have meaningful conversations, which I regret. Let’s talk about the conundrum. -Taylor Whitt Nashville TN

Since it’s been a while since my last post on the podcast, I want to begin by thanking Alex S. (and Alex V.) for the amazing job they have done since taking over the show’s reins. The podcast’s new direction and energy are wonderful. It has been an absolute pleasure to listen over the last weeks. (Thanks to Reeves for his previous great job with the show). After some pointed comments by the gaming community regarding social media and games marketing cycles, I have a question. There was much complaining and hand-wringing about Kena’s lack of marketing. There were many complaints that there was not enough game showing and less promotion leading to launch. Contrary, Arkane’s Deathloop received a similar, or even greater, number of complaints. These comments were made after the launch of Arkane’s PS5 Premier Event. The panel asked me a question: What is the best way to market a video game? The audience is not a winner for gaming companies, and it’s rare to hear the marketing team praised for their success. You either over- or under-market it, push for it too much or are out of touch or not in tune with your fans. Are there any rules for marketing a game?What is your favorite example of a marketing strategy that has been successful that other companies could follow to bring their game to the public? – Wes Bates, Woodland, CA

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