New Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Trailer Shows Sherlock’s Quick Thinking In Combat

Sherlock Holmes doesn’t get by on his keen observation skill and his wits alone. The new trailer for Sherlock Holmes Chapter One shows that Sherlock Holmes is not able to rely on his keen observation skills and his wits alone to solve problems.

Sherlock may not always resort to violence, but he’s a capable combatant at his formative age in Chapter One. You can use his sharp eyes and extraordinary perceptive abilities to slow down combat time and pinpoint environmental hazards and weaknesses that could be used against your enemies. To survive encounters, every hit is painful for young Sherlock.

Sometimes you just need to be able to put up your dukes against foes. Sherlock has the ability to shoot off protective armour before dealing the final blow. This allows Sherlock to either arrest and restrain the culprits or simply kill them. The non-lethal option is known as canonical. However, it is possible to kill an enemy permanently if necessary.

You can avoid gunfights by simply clicking a toggle on the menus. It will eliminate combat and allow you to just focus on solving one or two good mysteries. Those looking for more challenging fights can visit various Bandit Lairs for beefier combat scenarios that reward money to pay for new duds for Sherlock or upgrades to his family’s mansion.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One brings the young detective’s first major adventure to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on November 16, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions coming at a later date.

Which scenario would you choose to play? Do you want to be a passive gunner or do you prefer to get in close and pugilism? Do you prefer to avoid gunfights, and instead focus on being the best detective possible? We’d love to hear from you in the comments

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