New World Catapults Past 900,000 Concurrent Players

Yes, there are some of these players in the queue but they don’t have to wait. Steam Charts for Amazon Games’ New World show that the game’s peak concurrency is somewhere around 913,000 players. How does this translate into practice? That means 900,000 people are playing New World – at the same time.

That’s a whole lot of boar hunting, lumber chopping, and blueberry bush picking. Is it possible to go further? There’s no doubt that tons of people are hopping into the crafting, gathering, player-vs-player soiree. You can read a whole lot more about what I think of the game right here, but it’s also fairly interesting to see New World rocket past many of the staunch Steam standbys like Counter-Strike and Dota 2. 

It is now a question of whether it can sustain this many concurrent players. While not many people have the time, there is a lot of enthusiasm right now for a brand new immersive MMORPG, which seems to reflect in these numbers. In the past few days, I was called to battle to defend some purple cities. But will it all fade away? Inevitably, there’s always a drop after the surge, but new content, fixes for the many little bugs that are there, and more can keep the New World train rolling. After 100 hours, I’m still not at level cap and haven’t seen the whole map yet, so there’s lots to do for now. Every iron vein that I find I stop at harvesting. Let us know what you think. Are you familiar with New World? Do you want to try it? 

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