New Wasteland 3 Dev Diary Talks Plot, Villians, And God-President Reagan

Those who are expecting an update on Wasteland 3 are going to be glad to understand that InXile Entertainment has released a replacement Dev Diary with details on the game’s world, characters, and more.

This is the second dev diary for Wasteland 3 after the primary dropped on publisher Deep Silver’s official YouTube channel last week. While that specific video focused on character creation and combat within the tactical RPG, yesterday’s dev diary release features a bigger specialise in the narrative.

InXile’s studio head, Brian Fargo, spoke briefly about Wasteland 3’s relationship with the previous titles within the series, describing the protagonists’ start during this third installment as involving working with “the new patriarch of Colorado who’s an authoritarian”.

In the Dev Diary, senior writer Nathan Long noted that one pertinent consideration for the narrative team was their goal of giving Wasteland 3 an equivalent “flavour, moral questions, pathos and humor” as Wasteland 2.

This manifests within the sort of difficult life-and-death decisions, and Fargo was careful to notice that the newest story’s focus would be far more personal than the standard broad-brush motif of heroes saving the planet .

Fans of the Wasteland series also will get to find out a touch bit more about other factions present within the game. there is a cult who worships Reagan (yes, but it’s God-President to all or any the infidels), a “lovable, corruptible bodyguard”, and every one manner of strange characters bumbling about the deadly landscape rife with killer robots.

This latest Dev Diary promises quite your average amount of drama and satire, and it will be interesting to ascertain how the complete game plays when it launches on August 28 this year on Steam.

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