Apex Legends Loba Abilities Confirmed Before Season 5 Launch

Respawn has released the character trailer for Loba, subsequent playable legend coming to Apex Legends in Season 5: Fortune’s Favor–which starts tomorrow, May 12. The new trailer, which is embedded below, reveals her passive, tactical, and supreme abilities.

Loba’s passive ability, Eye For Quality, allows the infamous thief to ascertain epic and legendary loot through walls, giving her a plus at quickly securing the simplest armor and weapon attachments for her and her squadmates.

Her tactical ability, Burglar’s ally, sees Loba throwing her bracelet. When it lands, she teleports to the situation, picks up her bracelet, and returns to the fight. Not a perfect tactical ability for jumping straight into a fight, but perfect for going to out-of-reach loot or sneaking up behind enemy squads. you’ll see Loba use Burglar’s ally to flee an enemy squad then get the drop on Revenant within the Season 5 gameplay trailer.

Finally, Loba’s ultimate ability is Black Market Boutique. After placing her staff, she will scan the nearby area. All loot within the vicinity–regardless of a rarity–will appear listed on the staff when Loba or her squadmates interact with it (similar to looting a death box). This essentially consolidates all of the nearby loot to at least one location, allowing squads to quickly loot a neighborhood from a hidden position. Plus, you will not leave any obvious signs you were even there (like open doors and footprints), making it harder for a Bloodhound to trace you. That said, all loot being suffering from Black Market Boutique will quiver in midair, which can alert nearby squads that she is close and trying to steal all the loot. everyone can only take two items from the Black Market Boutique also.

Alongside Loba, Season 5: Fortune’s Favor adds a brand-new battle pass and game mode to Apex Legends. The new mode, Quests, is story-driven and first PvE–though it does tie into the PvP side of Apex Legends.

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